Beside roasted bean and ground coffee, we also provide good quality grean bean of specialty/fine coffee either arabica or robusta.

The actual green bean are might be different with the photo shown respectively.

Robusta Temanggung

District Temanggung is known as the largest coffee plant producer in central Java. Because of good quality, Temanggung coffee is not only consumed locally and by the factories. But it has been penetrating export market. Temanggung coffee has distinctive character and the fragrance of more fragrant than robusta coffee from other regions.

Robusta Lampung

Lampung famous not only with elephant that is in Way Kambas but Lampung also known as flavor of the very good coffee. The coffee was distributed from abroad first there are in the Sumatra. If you bear coffee lovers have not afdol it was if it had not been tasting native Lampung coffee

Arabica Gayo Aceh

These coffee originates from within the region Aceh the middle of rest on the mountains of Gayo.

The flavor that is big favourite in the coffee is medium acidity level which is suitable with lightweight viscosity.

Arabica Toraja

You will be gone be familiar with this coffee. Coffee Toraja is derived from south Sulawesi precisely in Tana Toraja who a mountainous region part of north Toraja. Coffee Toraja is also no less favor of by coffee Lampung. Enjoyment of coffee is corresponded for you not too fond with a bitter taste because the bitterness of coffee Toraja can be lost in real at the little time the first .

Arabica Bali Kintamani

Foreign tourists must know bali. Local paradise to the nature lovers.

The tourists are also pampered with beverages from Bali that is not less favour. One of them is Coffee Bali.

The coffee has medium acidity and viscosity level

Arabica Papua

Far from Java , the valley of Baliem Wamena located in Papua also has coffee that is a winner in Indonesia. Unquestioning delicacy of this coffee will contribute the quality of available best coffee. Coffee Papua has flavor to the level medium to strong of bitter taste

Arabica Flores Bajawa

The hill country of Flores are in east Nusa Tenggara where Bajawa is located in the region of a high altitude that suitable planted with the coffee because of their fertile neighborhood soil. There is coffee Bajawa taste vanilla and chocolate. This is what is to be of superior quality of flavor given by this coffee

Arabica Sidikalang

Coffee Sidikalang is derived from north Sumatra precisely in the highlands of Dairi district where altitude reaches 1.066 masl. The coffee is often mentioned be the toughest rival of Brazil coffee.

However the viscosity level and composition of this coffee make it pretty unique.

Arabica Mandailing

This coffee originates from area Mandailing Natal exactly in the village Pakantan at that time was planted with arabica coffee as planting the first time so. Mandailing Natal reaped the fruits of those arabica coffee as highly qualified due to its age who has been to hundreds of years ago.

Arabica Malabar

The ground Priangan blessed abounding. One result is coffee Malabar, that will be planted in the hill country of Sunda area.

Having the character of the scent of citrusy made coffee Malabar very fitting to enjoy