GIS Coffee is a brand of coffee commodity and product. Distributed by PT GLOBAL INDONUSA STAR (GIS), a company engaged in supplying Coffee and other products. This company besides has legality as a corporate body, also has permission to export including Coffee export trade.

Supported by the proficient management, trained human resources, systematic procedure, and adequate infrastructure and supply chain and also good quality control, we are ready to serve customer within the country and worldwide.

With brand “GIS Coffee“, we provide original Robusta/Arabica coffee from Indonesia regions (Temanggung, Lampung, Gayo Aceh, Toraja, Bali Kintamani, Papua, Flores Bajawa, Sidikalang, Mandailing, Java Preanger, Malabar, etc), either in the form of Green Bean, Roasted Bean, and Ground Coffee (powder).

They are packaged in Pouch/Plastic (250 gr, 500 gr, 1 Kg ) or Woven sack (50 Kgs).

All are produced naturally and have tasteful flavor.